2019 - 2020

In the school year session, my studio is open for 32 weeks of the 39-week session. For per session rates, take the cost of 9 months of whatever length lesson and divide it by 32.  

Material Fees:

Each student will be charged $50 twice a year, once in September and again in January.  If you are joining in the middle of the school year, you will pay for that semester when you start and then billed normally from the next full semester.  I develop a book that is customized for you and purchase books that you need throughout the semester as well as sheet music and general supplies.

What if it is the middle of the school year when I join?

Your first month will be prorated, then for the remainder of the school session it will be the same as the chart above.

But some months have more lessons than others…

Yes, but to keep my income and budget steady, I run my studio with monthly charges. Some months you get more than you pay for, some months you get less. It all evens out over the school session (and that’s why I prorate anyone who starts in the middle of the year—to make sure it evens out). 

What weeks are “off” in the school session?

  • the first full week of November

  • Thanksgiving week

  • 2 weeks at the end of the year

  • three weeks for performances and unplanned absences

Why so many weeks off?

Breaks are essential for creative sustainability.  I am also a working artist and sometimes have to teach around various projects but generally they will be announced ahead of time.  Your support in my art allows for the feedback to nourish the teaching process, so thank you!

What is your make-up policy?

Let me know as soon as you can and we will find another day/time to do the lesson.  If we plan it ahead of time, I am happy to reschedule the lesson a month earlier or later.  Makeups will ‘reset’ at the end of each semester and cannot count towards the summer session.

What about performance opportunities?

Each semester, I will have a performance opportunity for my students.  This year, we will be having a Piano Store Party at DC Piano in Berkeley and a community service recital at the SF Campus of Center for Jewish Living.  There will be a recital enrollment fee to participate which will contribute towards preparations for the event.

How do I pay?

I accept cash, checks, Paypal, Venmo, and Zelle.

How does the summer session work? 

Each student will take (or pay for) the equivalent of 8 lessons (4 lessons for biweekly students) during the summer months to keep their spot in my teaching schedule the upcoming year.  It is also strongly recommended to continue lessons as you can during breaks and retain what you’ve learned.  Even when one is away from their instrument, stay in conversation with music and use this time to take creative opportunities – attend concerts and listen to a wide variety of music and be inquisitive about the context behind what you listen to.

“Summer session” generally runs from the first full week of June to the last full week of August (about 14 weeks). “Equivalent” means that you can do fewer or more lessons than 8, as long as it adds up to the same amount of time. This gives you the freedom to work with your vacation schedule.

  • 30-min lessons will take 4 hrs' worth in the summer

  • 45-min lessons will take 6 hrs' worth in the summer

  • 60-min lessons may take only 6 hours’ worth as an exception

  • You may also sign up for additional lessons charged at the same hourly rate, but this is optional.